Possible nuclear source transient discovered at magnitude C = +16.8 +/- 0.04.

Follow up observations shows the transient is getting brighter C = +15.9 +/- 0.008.
So, could be a TDE or Young Type SN.

SN 2018hfn (GSNST 2018-ah)

M. Kendurkar reported a discovery of a new transient and now it’s classified as Supernova SN 2018hfn. ( )
Follow up observations of SN 2018hfn on 2018-10-13.116
V = 14.80 +/- 0.01
Observer: M. Kendurkar, GSNST

GSNST 2018-ah (=AT 2018hfn)

M. Kendurkar reported a Possible New Supernova on 2018-10-09 05:23:49 UTC in the center of 2MFGC 2715 Galaxy at Magnitude C = +14.95 +/- 0.01
Observations are made using Slooh T2 Telescope, Spain .
Observer: M. Kendurkar, GSNST