2018eqq, Type Ia in UGC 2536 (= Gaia DR2 240029096355889664?)
Discovered 2018-08-03.569 by Gaia, mag 15.05 at discovery
R.A. = 03h06m55s.160, Decl. = +41°30’32”.90

Observer: Cedric Raguenaud, SW France, GSNST
Approx mag 14.67CV ±0.00, ZP=29.379mag
Note: The magnitude measured is that of the host galaxy (mag 14.67 Bband). No other object is visible that close to the galaxy core.
0.25m/f4 reflector + CCMOS, 0.5″/pixel
6x300s, bin 1×1

AT 2018gep

We observed AT 2018gep discovered by Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)
Date of Observations: 2018-09-18.939
Magnitude CV: + 16.20 +/- 0.04
Observer: Malhar R. Kendurkar, GSNST Team

GSNST 2018-af =(AT 2018grn)

M. Kendurkar reports a possible new transient on 2018-09-19 at RA: 22:16:49.25, Dec: +35:36:31.11

Magnitude C = + 19.84
Observer: Malhar Kendurkar, GSNST Team

Observation: AT2018glm

AT2018glm, Type CV
Discovered 2018-09-16.055 by Gaia, mag 13.6 at discovery
R.A. = 01h36m37s.023, Decl. = +32°00’40”.10

Observer: Cedric Raguenaud, SW France, GSNST
Approx mag 14.25CV ±0.00, ZP=29.502mag
0.25m/f4 reflector + CCMOS, 0.5″/pixel
4x300s, bin 1×1