Discovery of a Possible new Transient

Discovery of a possible new transient on 2018-09-04 in Unknown galaxy.
Source Magnitude 17.29 +/- 0.05.
Date of Observations: 2018-09-03.975 from Canary Islands, Spain
Observer: Malhar R. Kendurkar, GSNST Team
Team: M. Kendurkar, C. Raguenaud
Global SuperNova Search Team

GSNST-2018ac = (AT 2018fhy)

Our GSNST Team member, Malhar R. Kendurkar recently discovered a very short lived nova near the Nucleus of Andromeda Galaxy (M31) at Magnitude V = + 16.29
Reference ATel#11983

Kees Scherer also observed this nova and found a possible confirmation.