Observation: AT2018fna

AT2018fna, dwarf nova = HS 1857+7127 = V416 Draconis
Discovered 2018-08-24.946 by Gaia, mag 14 at discovery
R.A. = 18h57m20s.376, Decl. = +71°31’18”.77

Observer: Cedric Raguenaud, SW France, GSNST
Approx mag 16.16CV ±0.00, ZP=29.574mag
0.25m/f4 reflector + CCMOS 0.5″/pixel
6x300s, bin 1×1

GSNST-2018ac = (AT 2018fhy)

Our GSNST Team member, Malhar R. Kendurkar recently discovered a very short lived nova near the Nucleus of Andromeda Galaxy (M31) at Magnitude V = + 16.29
Reference ATel#11983

Kees Scherer also observed this nova and found a possible confirmation.