Welcome to the Global SuperNova Search Team’s page.

Global Supernova Search Team (GSNST) is a sky survey project started in August 2018 to search for astronomical transients, with the team of four members working towards the scientific objective of searching and studying Young Supernovae, Tidal Disruption Events, extragalactic novae, CV’s, Flares, and other astronomical transients. The GSNST Sky Survey is helping the scientific community to understand the Time Domain Astronomy. We survey the sky of Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere with clear filter. The survey currently uses robotic telescopes from:- 1) The Canary Islands, Teneriffe, Spain: Slooh’s 17” PlaneWave CDK f/6.8 FLI ProLine KAF-16803 CCD having 9×9µm pixel size 2) La Dehesa, Chile: Slooh’s 14” SCT Edge HD f/11 SBIG Kodak KAI11000 CCD with 9×9µm pixel size. 3) South-West France: 250mm/1000mm + Canon 1200D 4.29 µm pixels, 300mm/1500mm + QHY183 2.4 µm pixels 4)Northern British Columbia, Canada: 610mm (24 inch)/7200 mm f/12 + SBIG ST-10 6.8 µm pixels, 203mm (8 inch)/400mm f/2.0 + ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro 3.8 µm, 400mm f/2.8 + Canon 5D MIII. 4) In Buenos Aires, Argentina: 203mm (8 inch) + Sony IMX 174 5.86 μm pixels and 304mm (12 inch) + Sony ICX825 6.45 µm pixel. In addition, we are working towards adding an array of three 12 inch Newtonian telescopes and three 12 inch SCT telescopes in Northern British Columbia, Canada which will scan the entire Northern Hemisphere, with a better ability and resolution to detect faint transients in North. Pointing at every single target for 300 to 1200 seconds, the telescopes observes down to +22.0 magnitude in clear filter.